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The  'Ease of Living  Index' was the first-ever exercise undertaken by the Union Housing and Urban  Affairs  Ministry. It ranked the country's 111 major cities on the basis of four parameters - governance, social, economic and physical infrastructure. The ranks are based on overall scores each city got on a 100-point scale across 15 categories and 78  indicators. The  15  parameters  that  constituted  the  Ease  of  Living  Index  include -  education, health, governance, economy and employment, assured  water  supply, power  supply, housing/inclusiveness, mixed land use/compactness, identity  and  culture, public space, reduced pollution, solid  waste  management, safety  and  security, transportation/mobility and  wastewater  management. The top 10 liveable cities as per the ranking are - 1. Pune, 2.Navi Mumbai, 3.Greater Mumbai, 4.Tirupati, 5.Chandigarh, 6.Thane, 7.Raipur, 8.Indore, 9.Vijayawada  and  10.Bhopal.



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