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Exports  from  Special Economic  Zone  (SEZ) has  increased by  38%  in May.The  major  sectors  contributing  to  the  growth  include  biotech, chemicals, pharmeceuticals,computers, electronics, non-conventional energy, plastic, rubber, trading  and  services. Exports  from  SEZs  grew  by   about  15 %  to  Rs.5.52  lakh  crore  in  2017-2018.

SEZs  are  considered  as engines  of  growth.They  are  expected  to  increase trade, investment, employment and exports.They  enjoy  certai  fiscal  and  non-fiscal  incentives  such  as  no  licence  requirement for  import,  full  freedom  for  subcontracting  and  no  routine  examination  by  customs  authorities  of  export/import  cargo  and  also  enjoy  direct/indirect  tax  benefits.

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