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Frequently asked questions:

What all is available for NEET exam preparation on the website?

For the preparation of NEET entrance exam we have NEET test series and e-guides. The test series has full length NEET mock tests, past NEET question paper mock tests and for every chapter of Physics, Chemistry and Biology which are included in the NEET syllabus. All test strictly follows the NEET marking scheme. The pattern and difficulty levels of the questions are similar to the actual NEET exam questions.

How helpful is the NEET online test series for clearing the NEET entrance exam?

Very helpful. The NEET entrance exam consists of multiple choice questions with four options. The student is supposed to select one correct answer from the options. Most of the questions are tricky ones. Most of the times there would be more than one answer which would look to be correct. Also there would be time restrictions. A student who has practiced before on our mock tests would have prior knowledge of the difficulties and would find it easy to handle the questions.

Are there any free mock tests for the students to try?

Yes, there are a number of free tests in which a student can try before making payment.

How many times can I attempt a test?

Any test can be attempted any number of times. There is no restriction on the number of attempts.

When will my account get upgraded after I have made the payment?

If you have paid online, your account will be upgraded immediately soon after the payment made.

When do I get the results of the mock tests?

The results are available instantly once the student submits a test. All the tests (Chapter based practice tests, past question paper mock tests and model question paper mock tests) can be attempted by the student at any time on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Why isn’t the test series free?

We maintain high standards of quality on our website. Lot of people are involved with our website who put in lot of efforts and hard work to make sure that the content we provide on our website is correct and free of errors. We also maintain an excellent infrastructure for our website which ensures fast and reliable services to our users. All this is not absolutely free of cost and hence, we charge a minimal amount from our users.

I have lost the internet connection during the Mock Test, what will happen now? Can I resume the test once the connection is back?

Yes, you can continue the test once the internet connection is back you don’t need to start the test from the beginning

Can I download my NEET Test Series in PDF format?

Kindly, note that, we’re not providing copy option of our contents, questions and solutions in PDF or to download.

How can I check the validity of the purchased NEET Test Series? Can it be changed on request?

Please note that you can check the validity of the purchased NEET Test Series on the purchased email sent to you. Also note that the expiry date of the Test Series is fixed, and it can’t be changed on request.

I had access to the NEET Test Series, but it is showing ‘Buy Now’. What can I do?

Please note that this may happen due to the following reasons:

This must be cache problem in your device, in this case, we suggest you to clear the cache of your device.

You might have logged in and paid from a different email id.

I have no knowledge of online payment. Is there an alternate way?

Yes, you can pay by offline methods also. Please email your request to [email protected] we will contact you..